The Best Simple Laundry Tips for Overnight Guests

Simple Laundry Tips for Overnight Guests, especially if they are family, require more laundry. Of course, the majority of the visitors arrive over the holidays, when there are so many other activities outside ordinary domestic tasks.

However, there are methods to reduce the laundry loads of more people (and maybe their pets) in the house. By planning beforehand, you won’t be left carrying the filled laundry bag when the visit is done.

Finally, to the guests: While a hostess’s gift of chocolates, flowers, or wine is great, being a kind guest is always the best option. Speak with your host or hostess and ask what you can do to help throughout your stay. Then do it!

1. Simple Laundry Tips- Plan Laundry Needs Before Guests Arrive

Most of the time, we know when people will arrive. Plan ahead of time and have your bed sheets available. Make sure to replace all of the sheets and to keep the blankets, pillows, and bed covers as clean as possible. If the linens are not thoroughly cleaned, your guests will experience unpleasant scents and stains.

Check your inventory, and if you don’t have enough bed linens for everyone, contact your family and urge them to bring their own. Make sure you provide them with bed sizes so they can bring the appropriate size linens.

If you live near a lake, the ocean, or a pool, invite your guests to bring their beach towels.

2. Simple Laundry Tips- Laundry and Visiting Pets

If your home is not already pet-friendly, there are several steps you can do to make it safe for the visiting animal while also protecting your bedding and furnishings from stains when they come.

Before the animal arrives, make sure that all laundry materials are carefully kept. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are dangerous to dogs. When a strange pet is present, carefully inspect laundry equipment before using it to ensure that it has not crept inside.

Cover comforters and upholstery with an old bed sheet, particularly those labeled “dry clean only.” The sheet may be readily thrown in the washing. 

Hopefully, you and the pet owner discussed sleeping arrangements and how to clean up any unavoidable accidents, shedding, or messes before the stay. Be prepared for the unexpected.

3. Simple Laundry Tips- Request assistance from guests

If your overnight guests are relatives or close friends, ask them to assist you make beds before they arrive and change the linens after their stay. Most will be delighted to assist. This is especially critical if you are expecting back-to-back guests.

Place appropriately sized spare sheets and blankets in each guest room closet so they may make the changes themselves. This is a basic chore that they can complete even if you do not wish to request that they wash a load of linens.

4. Simple Laundry Tips- Assign Each Guest a Towel Color

You’ve presented each guest with one or two sets of clean towels. These can be placed in the bathroom or on the guest bed. To decrease the quantity of towels that must be laundered throughout the stay, designate each guest a particular towel color.

This prevents mix-ups and allows the towels to be reused several times. If there aren’t enough towel rods in the bathroom to keep damp towels and bathmats, use a foldable drying rack in the guest room.

It is also a good idea to provide a washing hamper or basket for guests to use in the bathroom or in each bedroom. They can put their dirty clothes in the basket and bring them to the washing room when they depart. Even if you do the washing, you will have one less task to complete following the visit.

5.  Simple Laundry Tips- Use Table Linens More Than Once

The most convenient approach to prevent having to wash extra table linens is to utilize paper items. If it isn’t your style, distribute a napkin ring to every one of your guests. This allows linen napkins to be used for several meals.

6. Simple Laundry Tips- Prepare Your Laundry Room.

If your guests are staying for more than a day or so, they may want clean clothes and washing facilities, so make sure your laundry room is ready. Prepare a simple checklist.

  • Is the laundry room tidy and clutter-free?
  • Provide a step-by-step tutorial for using the washer or dryer. This is especially critical for high-efficiency washers, which use significantly less detergent. Your guests may not know how to utilize them properly. Nothing is worse than a suds-filled laundry room!
  • Do I have the necessary supplies (detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets) on hand?
  • Do I have an empty laundry basket ready for guests to use?

7.  Simple Laundry Tips- Laundry Time Can Be Family Time

If your grandkids are visiting, now is a great opportunity to teach them how to do laundry. When it comes to teaching a pre-teen or adolescent how to do laundry, most grandparents are more patient (and, maybe, have more laundry expertise than parents).

Sharing hobbies brings family members closer together while also completing a few tasks!