Our Top Picks 10 Down Pillows for 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Best Overall Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Parachute Down Pillow at Parachute 

  • This splurge-worthy pillow boasts a¬†750-fill power, with¬†85% down¬†and¬†15% quill-free feathers¬†encased in an¬†Oeko-Tex-certified cotton shell.
  • It comes in¬†three firmness options¬†and features¬†double-stitched piping¬†and a¬†three-year warranty
  • What We Appreciate: Three options for firmness, Triple-stitched edges, 3-year guarantee
  • What We Dislike: little smell when opened

Best Budget in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Bed Pillow

  • A more affordable option, this pillow combines¬†goose down¬†and¬†feathers¬†for a comfortable sleep experience.
  • What We Appreciate: Arrives in a pair of sturdy colored piping edges
  • What We Dislike: Feathers inside can be heard with one stiffness option.

Best Down and Feather of Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Coyuchi Down Feather Pillow

  • With a¬†premium blend of down and feathers, this pillow offers a balance of softness and support.
  • What We Appreciate: Feather and down blend; medium stiffness; softness
  • What We Dislike: Limited trial period, No guarantee

Best For Stomach Sleepers in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Pottery Barn Classic 550 FP White Down Chamber Pillow

  • Designed for stomach sleepers, this pillow provides the right level of comfort and support.
  • What We Appreciate: The down fill is completely cleansed. robust style. Three tiers of assistance for every kind of sleeper
  • What We Dislike: To clean, a commercial washer and dryer are needed.

Best Soft in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow

  • Known for its softness, this pillow is a luxurious choice for a good night‚Äôs rest.
  • What We Appreciate: Firm, medium, and soft options support the upper spine’s curvature and is IDSS-certified.
  • What We Dislike: Restricted size

Best Firm in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Kassatex European Down Pillow

  • If you prefer a firmer pillow, this European down option is worth considering.
  • What We Appreciate: Three options for firmness. 60-day trial that relieves gastrointestinal issues, Those who sleep on their sides
  • What We Dislike: Expensive choice. For some, not sufficiently breathable

Best Plush in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Brooklinen Down Pillow

  • Plush and cozy, this pillow ensures a comfortable sleep experience.
  • What We Appreciate: Antimicrobial features with an ethical twist extended return window
  • What We Dislike: Not ideal for neck support, and machine washing is not advised

Best Down Alternative in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

  • For those who prefer an alternative to down, this pillow offers similar comfort.
  • What We Appreciate: sixty-day refunds. Low-allergenic. A three-year guarantee
  • What We Dislike Usually has a softer tone

Best for Combination Sleepers in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Casper Down Pillow

  • Versatile and suitable for various sleep positions, this pillow adapts to your needs.
  • What We Appreciate: A five-chamber layout accommodates various sleeping preferences. In the continental US, shipping is free. Maintains form well
  • What We Dislike: Reduced window for return; may cause heated sleep

Best for Back Sleepers in Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024: Tuft & Needle Down Pillow

  • Specifically designed for back sleepers, this pillow provides optimal support.
  • What We Appreciate: Washable in a Machine. Superior, morally sourced down. Robust design
  • What We Dislike: Perhaps too full for some
The Top 10 Down Pillows for 2024

     Down pillows are popular because they are lofty and fluffy, creating a delightful sink-in experience when your head touches their surface. To distinguish the excellent from the fantastic, we evaluated dozens of down pillows in The Lab, evaluating each design’s quality, value, and comfort for a range of sleeping positions.

Furthermore, we tested these pillows in our own homes to see how they performed in a real-world situation with daily use.

Our picks are the pillows that gave the most comfort during testing and appeared to be well-designed to accommodate a wide range of sleepers.

Editor’s Note: In December 2023, this page was updated to add numerous new goods that fared well in our testing.

What You Should Know Before You Begin
While all of these pillows are technically ‚Äúdown,‚ÄĚ we evaluated a variety of pillows with three distinct fill types: Downfill is derived from the undercoating of geese and ducks and has a fluffier consistency, providing a fluffy, cloud-like feel.
Feather fill has a flatter contour, making it more suited to stomach sleepers and people who like to fold their pillows.
Many pillows on the market have a mix of down and feather fill, with a typical ratio of 80 percent down and 20 percent feathers.